Friday, November 16
Audio welcomes Golf Clap to the venue on Nov. 16th to take control of our powerful Funktion One sound system!

For table reservations, please e-mail

"Golf Clap differs from their peers by doing everything right." - Thump

DJs; producers; club headliners, festival regulars: Golf Clap are Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones, a Detroit duo with an unmatched passion for house music and a seemingly endless supply of studio and club-focused creativity. With releases on some of the world’s most influential house labels already under their belts, along with a lauded Boiler Room session and an Essential New Tune ‘nod for “Bout That,” alongside Eyes Everywhere, they’re only just getting started.

With roots in the Detroit underground, booking local and international DJs to play at their own parties, Golf Clap have established themselves as in-demand artists and performers in their own right, via an irresistible combination of hard work and talent.

Support by IceCreams & Nico Crespo