Thursday, January 08
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Beautiful Buzzz & L'Affaire Musicale are starting a new collaborative west coast series, bringing artists to two main music hubs in our beloved golden state. Introducing GOLDEN!

Solidisco is the moniker of 2 successful club DJs from New York joining together for an exciting new take on the most timeless of all club genres, disco house. WIth their experiences of traveling as DJs in the mainstream world, their love of music and production wizardry, Solidisco has a fresh recipe of disco house that revitalizes the classic sound of house with a taste of today's musical trends.


Ghost Beach have set the Internet ablaze with upbeat anthems, a preference for '80s synth and consistent number ones on The Hype Machine. Perfecting their unique blend of retro & futuristic soaring synth pop, the band previously shared party-starting Blonde album cuts "On My Side," "Every Time We Touch," a funk-infused blazer, strapped with an infectious bassline & classic house beats, and "Without You," which features a full-on reggae vibe complemented perfectly by the duo's distinctive, cutting-edge contemporary touch.


Producing deep, sophisticated dance music in the Windy City, Rogue Vogue pays homage to the sweaty club nights of the late '80s/early '90s where Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, and Paul Johnson reigned supreme.

He garnered a passion for underground dance music frequenting Chicago's legendary 'Boom Boom Room' party and seeking slick and sultry sounds at Gramaphone and K Starke records. The inspiration found on the dance floor and in the record store combined with 25 years of drumming experience and a penchant for deep, jazzy chords birthed a new brand of dance music...the House that Rogue Vogue built.

Since it's inception, Rogue Vogue has blessed dance floors with original productions (French Express, House of Disco, Kiez Beats) and official remixes for the likes of Miami Horror, the Knocks, Moon Boots, Satin Jackets, French Horn Rebellion, and Slaptop. Armed with analog synths, drum machines, and a verocious appetite for throwing shade between jack and swing, Rogue Vogue is determined to further the legacy of Chicago as the International hub of House music. Strike a pose, people!