Sunday, May 20
A Fundraiser for Bloom, Peter Hazel’s Burning Man Sculpture
Honorary Burning Man artist Peter Hazel is bringing his 40 foot tall jellyfish "Bloom" back to Burning Man 2018. Bloom premiered at Burning Man last year and was one of the most intricate pieces on the playa. The jellyfish is comprised of over 2,000 smaller fused glass jellyfish. All of the glass is recycled and re used. There are many improvements and additions to the piece that Peter is hoping to display this year. The amount of glass jellyfish will be doubled, producing enough glass to layer and provide depth to the jellyfish dome. The tentacles will be made of solid steel and have an organic flow to them. Lastly, there will be a spectacular LED light show that will be sure to bring Bloom to life. Come celebrate and help Bloom make it back to Burning Man 2018!!


Groove Cartel

Focused on the creation of pure and honest music, Groove Cartel was born. Formed by American drummer Cary White (Infected Mushroom, Tom Morello and Metrostation) and Mexican producer William Gonzalez (Pyramyth), the two have emerged as one of the hottest up and coming duos of 2016. In a musical world of here today gone tomorrow, Cary and William have found a way to incorporate what they consider to be the best element of music: The Groove. The two met in 2013 when William, with his Pyramyth project, served as opener for Infected Mushroom, during which time Cary White was acting as their touring drummer. Groove Cartels first release was in June 2016. Since then they have had a steady stream of releases that incorporate sounds ranging from House to Techno to Tech-House and even some in between. Theyve found homes with Record labels such as Audiophile Recordings (USA) Tactical Records (Germany), Housesession (Germany) and Crowd Recordings (USA). Their fresh, high energy sound has been captivating audiences across the Country and abroad since the start and allowed them to be asked to play events such as: Burning man, the Bass camp festival, Mondrian/Skybar, multiple Roosevelt pool parties, and the Groove Cruise 2016. Their latin American showcase was held in Guadalajara, Mexico in October of 2016. The duo hopes to continue a steady stream of live dates bringing their fun and unique show to audiences here in the U.S. and abroad.